Dependable Service You Can Trust

For over ten years, EPI has been a trusted resource in Maine and New Hampshire for environmental services. Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible, with qualified people who work to provide you with value and compliant services. We offer a host of services to meet your needs and ensure proper handling, transportation and disposal of regulated waste materials.

For waste generators: EPI provides hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal, disposal of laboratory chemicals, vacuum truck services and compliance assistance with proper packaging and spill control materials.

For site owners and consultants: EPI provides start to finish support for cleaning up spills and brownfields sites. This includes Geoprobe, test pitting, tank removal and soil removal projects.

For homeowners: EPI provides spill cleanup services and restoration, basement and underground tank removals, and household hazardous waste disposal (HHW).

Recent News Updates
  • We now heat our facilities with Maine-produced wood pellets and recycled waste oils.
  • We recently added a Geoprobe 5400 truck-mounted rig to complement our tracked 66DT rig.
  • We are now processing non-hazardous liquids and sludges in our facility.
  • EPI recently hosted a Lab Chemical Safety course with Dave Waddell, Chairman of